Daisy 2002 – 2018

Mr. Spots was very lonely in 2002 when Squirt passed away. So I choose Daisy, from the shelter, to be his friend. She is a very friendly little girl and seems to enjoy not only Mr. Spots – but all 12 dogs. She is always in the dogs fenced area visiting with them!

Pat’s Cats That Have Passed On


Mommy Cat 2005 – 2014

Mommy Cat was Twinkie’s Mom. We fostered her and her 3 kittens in August of 2005. Two of her kittens found new homes and Twinkie found a home at Rainbow Bridge. She loves our other cats and our dogs. She is a great hunter!

Mr. Spots 1998 – 2012

Showed up the summer of 2001. Straggly, skinny and matted. Someone dumped him. He is very affectionate and likes dogs and other cats. Loved Muffin. Took care of her all summer until she found her new home. 


Twinkie 2005

Twinkie and her 2 brothers were fosters at our house in August. The 2 brothers grew fine and found new homes. Poor little Twinkie was blind, crippled and never grew in 2 1/2 months. We are not sure what was wrong, but she is in Kitty Heaven now. We hope she can see and run like a little kitten should at Rainbow Bridge. Be at peace – little one!

Peaches 1985 – 2003

A present left by a wandering cat when we lived on the farm. She has become a city cat. She had a brother, Willie, that died a few years ago. We all still miss him. Peaches lived with us for 18 years. We will always remember her, too.

Squirt 1987 – 2002

Showed up at our house several days after we moved in – never left. She was married to Willie. Never has gotten over his passing. She has Mr. Spots now, but really has no room left in her heart for a new boyfriend.

Willie 1985 – 1997

Peaches brother. Both were left as presents by a wandering cat on the farm. He was a very affectionate cat. We loved him very much. He died from diabetes. We gave him shots everyday – but guess we just couldn’t win.



Spent the summer of 2001 with us. We found her on the sidewalk downtown when she was about 5 weeks old. She was a wonderful kitty, but did not get along with Squirt. So we found her a new home.

As you can see – Peaches isn’t all that crabby. Here she joins us at the table asking for a snack. We don’t normally allow her to sit at the table with us – if we did, we would have 12 jealous dogs there, too!

Muffin – the little kitten left on the sidewalk

Peaches sitting in the window