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The Six Dog Studio was my original website I developed in 1999. It featured many of my paintings and photos. Since then, I have written a large number of poems about animals, cats, dogs, friends, love, life and nature. So I developed A Poet’s Corner to feature all my work, both past and present.  I became an artist when I was fifty years old and painted about 450 paintings.  Each painting seemed to be telling me a story, so I started to write poetry about the paintings. I have a large collection of poetry and I hope you enjoy reading my poems.

I started my career as a mechanical engineer, but after 18 years or working I felt the need to become closer to the artistic world. I played music all my life in bands, orchestras and small groups. I loved music, but knew there was more to be discovered. After doing wood turning for about 8 years, I decided to take watercolor lessons. I had a great teacher for two years and learned much. I enjoyed sitting outside and painting, also going to zoos to sketch and paint live animals.

My favorite things to paint are dogs, animals and flowers. I worked with our shelter and dog rescues for awhile.  Through that experience I painted a lot of dogs and wrote many poems about shelter dogs and some sad stories. I fostered and adopted many dogs over the years. They have taught me a lot and talked to me a lot. So I had to put all that into words and paintings.


I played accordion most of my life. Living in Cleveland accordion was a common instrument to play. I had my first lesson in 1951. My ex and I played as a duo during the 80’s and 90’s. After that my accordion spent most of it’s time in the case. As I grew older, I could not lift the 29# accordion.

This year I decided to buy a lighter accordion and have started to play again. I bought a wonderful Roland FR 4X Virtual Accordion which weights 20#. Love the accordion and am trying to make my fingers play and mind!

My friends are all over the US and wanted to hear the new accordion. So I have started to make videos to share with them and anyone else that likes accordion. My Accordion Page is here:

What is life, what’s it all about? The question will never be answered but there a whole lot of things to consider about it.

I love sitting outdoors and painting. I especially enjoy painting colorful flowers.Nature has so much to offer us if we take the time to look and listen.

I have had many dogs in my life, from childhood to present. I worked with local shelters helping with rescue work in the early 1980s. The local shelter, at that time was a very high kill shelter. I often brought dogs home to take to rescue and foster. At one point, I had 17! It broke my heart to see such wonderful dogs being put down.

I use to visit the zoos and wildlife centers often. I enjoyed sketching, painting and photographing all the animals. Most of my animal paintings were painted before I started writing poetry. Then I felt they had more to say and started writing poetry to accompany the paintings.

I had a few cats, some from the shelter and those that just show up like Mr. Spots. They seem to have a unique outlook on life, especially when compared to dogs!

Friends are always important and I enjoy writing about friendship.

I find so many things intertaining and fun. Just lighten up and take time to laugh a little.

Wally, The Walrus My name is Wally the Walrus I have never ridden on a crowded school bus. I float around on chunks of ice because I think it feels really nice. Sometimes I sit on cold, gray rocks but I have no need for thick wool socks. My tusks are long – big and white I always brush them every night. I am proud on my tusks and how they look I think I’ll have my picture took! Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999 ©

I find it fun to be a kid and write poetry for kids. Nothing to be worried about, just life from a different view.

The one thing there seems to be not enough in life is love. Share your love with friends, relatives, kids and spouses. Even some strangers along the way.

The world can always use more support and messages of the wonders of life.

A Poet’s Corner features the poetry, art, graphics and photos of Patricia Walter.

Patricia Walter is the owner and webmaster of A Poet’s Corner 2005 – 2020 ©.

You may contact Patricia at

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