The Six Dog Studio was my original website I developed in 1999. It featured many of my paintings and photos. Since then, I have written a large number of poems about animals, cats, dogs, friends, love, life and nature. So I developed A Poet’s Corner to feature all my work.  I became an artist when I was fifty years old and painted about 450 paintings.  Each painting seemed to be telling me a story, so I started to write poetry about the paintings. Read more about my life’s journey here:

About Patricia Walter

I played accordion most of my life. In 2020, I decided to buy a lighter accordion and have started to play again. I am sharing my piano and accordion videos on my YouTube Channel:

If you would like a little relaxing and fun music, visit my YouTube Channel:  Piano Player Pat and Accordion Player Pat

A Poet’s Corner features the poetry, art, graphics and photos of Patricia Walter.

Patricia Walter is the owner and webmaster of A Poet’s Corner 2005 – 2023 ©

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