Pat’s Dogs


Peanut showed up at my gate on Nov. 20, 2012. He was trying to get in the gate with the Digger Brothers.  He had been attacked and had puncture wounds, fleas in his eyes, infection of his rear end, long nails and starved at only 9 pounds.  It took 7 days at the vets and surgery to pull him thru.

Peanut in the vet hospital

Peanut happy and healthy


Bingo was my neighbors dog.  She was also my dog sitter. She was very, very sick. I took her dog to take care of him until she got better.  Unfortunately,
she moved in with her daughter and could no  longer keep him.  So he has become the guardian of my gang.

Fritz & Sluggo – The Digger

Fritz fell out of his kennel at the shelter and fractured his rear leg. He was going to be put down since the shelter does not have money to treat injured animals.
I received an email and we decided to help Fritz.  He came from a litter of 6 puppies. Sluggo, his brother, had infected feet and could not walk properly. So we brought them both home to take care of them. There is very little call for black hound dog mixes at the shelter, so we have decided to keep them.

The Brothers Story Page

The Digger Brothers, Fritz & Sluggo, belonging to Patricia Walter the poet and artist.

Ted Walter and Nikki. Ted is Patricia Walter's husband.

Nikki – The
Springer Mix Puppy

We pulled Nikki from a high kill shelter in Athens OH in Mid March of 2005. The purpose was to save her life and send her to rescue.   Since most of the rescue fosters were full, we ended up fostering her. She is still with us and feels this is home.

Nikki’s Story Page

Charlie – The Springer Spaniel

Lived at the Humane Society for three weeks andgot very sick with Kennel Cough. We took him to he vet, since the shelter has little medicine, and then brought him home to get well. He loves living with the other 10 dogs.  He was supposed to go to rescue – but he already feels that he is part of the family.  He is learning to be a house dog. He thinks it is great fun being in a house.  He has a wonderful personality.

Charlie’s Story Page

Charlie the Springer Spaniel that was a rescue dog that came from the shelter when he was very sick.

Patricia Walter and Sweetie who came from the local shelter.

Sweetie- Dalmatian Mix


Oh no – it happened again.  Poor Sweetie. She was found in a field starving and lived a couple weeks at the Humane Society.  She kept getting picked over for those small fuzzy cute puppies.  Pat and Sweetie fell in love – end of story.  Benny has also fallen in love with her since she has joined the Walter Family.


In Memory of those I have
loved who have left a warm place in my heart

2001 – 2013

Millie – the Fox Terrier-Hunting Dog

Lived at the Humane Society for one night.

Became member number 8 of the Walter Pack!

 Wants to become a mechanic – see photo of Millie using a wrench –
very talented.

Millie’s Story Page


Millie a terrier mix that came from the shelter.

2001 – 2013

Sparky – Border Collie

Sparky was very sick and needed
medical care which the shelter could not give him..  He is now well
and a very lovable dog.  He is learning how to live in a house and
house manners.  He is a very beautiful dog with a beautiful soul.


Sparky the Border Collie mix rescued from the shelter when he was very sick.


Robbie – The Blind Sheltie

has joined the Walter household. He was at the shelter frozen in fear
after he was picked up as a stray.  He is settling in and
learning many new commands. He can walk on a leash and jump in and out
of the car without any help.  He is a very smart little guy.
To our great surprise, he seems to enjoy living with 11 other dogs and
has learned to live with 3 cats.

He is a real sweetie and
a joy to be around. He always has a smile on his face. His favorite game
is playing tag in the yard, running full speed with Sweetie.

Robbie’s Story Page

Robbie the blind sheltie who belongs to Patricia Walter


Katie – The Crippled Aussie

Katie has joined the Walter doggie family, she makes
it a bakers dozen! Pat worked at the local shelter as an assistant
manager for a few months and wanted to save poor little Katie. She
looked like she was hit by a car. We have found out since, she was born
crippled and will unfortunately stay that way. The orthopedic vets can
not perform any fancy operations to make her walk like a normal dog. But
she still enjoys life hopping around and joyfully playing.

Katie’s Story Page

Katie the cirppled, but happy dog.

Katie who is a crippled dog, but a very happy dog.


Lucky – The Aussie

Lucky was a foster with us about 1 1/2 years ago when
he was turned into our local shelter. He found a home and in the summer
of 2004, his family was no longer able to keep him. So he is back with
us again. We are still trying to find him a new home, but he thinks he
belongs here by now. So we will include him in our family doggie album.

Lucky the Australian Shepherd that was a rescue dog.

1997 – 2010

Buddy – Collie Mix

Found in the middle of Front Street trying to direct traffic when he
was six months old.  

Number 5 of the Walter Pack

Known better as the “Love Child” since his birthday is
about February 14  and lives up to his name. Another Collie

Buddy the Collie Mix Patricia found out in the middle of the street.
? – 2008

Molly – The Border Collie

Resident of the Humane Society for several weeks.

Number 7 of the Walter Pack.  

What a sweetie – no nicer dog in the world!

Molly the Border Collie that was a rescue from the local shelter.
1999 – 2008PJ – The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The one dog Pat actually bought because she wanted to know what the
dog would look like when she grew up.

Number 6 of the Walter Pack.

Tries to herd the rest around – doesn’t work with a real Border
Collie, a wanna be Border Collie, one mixed Collie and a Fox Terrier Mix
who is boss of everyone.

PJ the Welsh Corgi that belongs to Patricia Walter

1993 – 2009

Pepper – Golden Irish Setter Mix
Number 4 of the Walter PackCame to live with her brother and sister 1 1/2 years after they lived
with Pat.  She always came over to visit, so her Mom decided she
really wanted to live with us and allowed her to choose.

Pepper was one of five pupies found in a box beside the road out in the country. She lives with Patricia Walter and her other brothers and sisters.
1993 – 2007Kelley – Golden Hound Mix

Number 1 of the Walter Pack

The first chosen from the box of puppies.

Yes – the four are all definitely related and had the same Mom.
As to the Fathers – a few must have been involved due to the variety of
the family!

Kelly was one of five pupies found in a box beside the road.

1993 – 2006

Clancy – Golden Irish Setter Mix
Number 3 of the Walter PackClancy and his four other brothers and sisters were found in a box by
the road out in the country by Pat’s neighbor.  Of course, a few of
the puppies had to come live at Pat’s house. 
Clancy and Pepper appear to be twins, at least to us.


Clancey was one of a litter of five found beside the road. He lives with his brother and sisters with Patricia Walter.

1993 – 2005

Blackie – Irish Setter Mix – Gone to Rainbow Bridge. She is still loved
and missed.
Number 2 of the Walter PackSister to Clancy, Pepper and Kelley. 

Found in that same box out in the country.

A very talkative Irish Setter Mix.

Blackie was one of five puppies found in a box beside the road out in the country abandoned.

Fun Photos of my dogs

Charlie and Benny on a rainy day.

Millie the mixed terrier chewing on a wrench. She loves to chew metal things.

The Boys on a rainy day with
nothing to do

Millie – the wanna be

Molly the Border Collie enjoying a view from the hill.

Kelly sitting in a chair watching the world go by.

Molly – takes time to smell
the flowers

Kelley – takes time for tea

PJ watching the herd.

Benny in jail at the shelter as a puppy.

PJ – watches over the crew

Benny in jail 

Molly in jail at the shelter as a stray.

Molly in jail 

Remember – there are many
wonderful pets

 waiting for homes at
your local shelter!




Lays in my lap
sleeps on my bed
best little buddy
I ever had.
Barks a tune
shares my meals
always follows
right on my heels.
Loves to boat
camper extreme
greets everyone
never mean.
Once a lost soul
found his way here
now happy and healthy
nothing to fear.

Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2016 ©

Nikki Poetry and Art by Patricia Walter

Poor Little Pup

Poor little pup
dumped at night
that s enough to
cause some fright.
Left in a run
behind the pound
waiting for someone
to come around…
Spent 3 days
in a concrete run
thought for sure
her life was done.
Thanks to rescue –
people who cared
her little life
was finally spared.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2005



I lived at the shelter
I waited and hoped
that soon I’d be adopted
by some really nice folk.
The months went on
I would whine and cry
the end was near
soon I would die.
I tried to look cute
I would bark and dance
no one noticed
not even a glance.
I made a friend
months ago
she watched and waited
but the going was slow.
Finally at last
she had to say
I’ll take him home
there’s no other way.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2001


We don’t know how old she is
or where she was born.
One ear has been injured
her teeth quite worn.
Her heart consumes her total being
the love and joy you can’t help seeing.
She nuzzles and licks, hugs and talks
goes absolutely crazy if you speak of walks.
She lived at the shelter in a dirty old cage
the lonely conditions brought no rage.
She shares her love and brings us joy
she needs nothing more – not even a toy!

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2002



Funny long nose
deep brown eyes
raises his paw
almost looks wise.
Strange little ears
not up not down
a kind loving critter
always around.
Found in the street
clear to see
no tag no collar
he belongs to me.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2001


Curled in my lap
our afternoon nap
a little ball of fur
happy and sure.
Weeks ago
you wouldn’t know
a little lost soul
no where to go.
Alone at night
no one in sight
a frightened little puppy
not feeling lucky.
They took her to the pound
she thought she was found
but no one choose her
wrong color fur.
She hugged and kissed
but seem to miss
finding a home
a place to roam.
But soon came a friend
someone that could bend
feeling love in her heart
they just couldn’t part.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2002


The black and white spaniel
Charlie, Chuck or Chas
he’s always smiling
it’s a little grin that he has.
A stray at large
tossed in a truck
ends up at the shelter
not good luck.
He’s so much trouble
barking and complaining
the staff ignores him
only a few days remaining.
No one cares
he’s coughing and sick
tries to look cute
but he’s no ones pick.
He caught Pat’s eye
gave big wet kisses
he really worked hard
to convey his wishes.
On the road to recovery
he went to the vet
soon a member of the family
she’s glad they met.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2002

She Never Came Home

Adopted in heart and mind alone
because she really
never came home.
Taken from the shelter
sick and thin
trying to get her well again.
Time at the vets
a few visits alone, a week went by
but she never came home.
They treated and bathed her
the sad eyes shone
but she really never ever came home.
Her time was up, she wasn’t alone
but she really never got to come home.

A tribute to Sadie who we only knew one week

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2002

Sadie was our Basset for only a week, but she
still lives in our hearts!

Good Bye Friend

linger in thought.
still warms the heart.
connects the past.
blur the present.
promises hope for the future.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2002


Pat, Millie and Benny

Pat, Millie & Benny