When Your World Breaks

When your world breaks
You can’t see thru the mist
You can’t hear what is said
You can’t think thru the fog
You are left in a time
that no longer exists
You touch – but don’t feel
You talk – but are not heard
You think – but are confused
Sadness overcomes
Joy is lost
Hope far away
Love just a memory
Only faith remains
building a bridge to find a new world
to feel whole
to love again

Poetry and Graphic by Patricia Walter 2016©


Saltwater Fun

Ocean breeze
Saltwater air
Make me feel good
So glad they share
Walking the beach
Sand between my toes
Talking with nature
My joy shows
Find a few shells
See a crab on the run
Soothes my soul
Saltwater fun

Original Poetry and Art by Patricia Walter 2016 ©


a-stroll-downtown-poem-2016Dedicated to my hometown Marietta, OH

Stroll Downtown

Take a walk stroll downtown
check out the city, see who’s around.
See some friends, stop to talk
check out the headlines, continue to walk.
Smell fresh rolls at the bakery
only real frosting, no fakery.
Pass some new faces, a quick little Hi
not real friends, so no time to bye.
Look in the window of the antique store
same old stuff, just a bore.
Enjoy my walk, strolling down main street
clean and friendly, really neat.
Interesting display of summer shoes
tennies in white, colors and blues.
A small friendly town, I call it home
friends all around, I’m never alone.

Poetry and Graphic by Patricia Walter 2016©

The Nap
I’m so tired, my legs weigh a ton
feel like I raced, but hadn’t won.
Tank’s on empty, energy gone
not enough breath to sing a song.
Rest for awhile, sit in my chair
close my eyes or just plain stare.
Clear my mind, take a snooze
almost as good as taking a cruise.
Having a dream, running by the sea
feeling sunshine, it’s just good to be.
Wake with a start, a little fog
look around the room – see the dog.
Let’s go for a walk, I feel so good
the nap really worked, I knew it would.

Poetry and Graphic by Patricia Walter 2016 ©


Still blooming
Spring to fall
do it all.
Standing firm
Tall and bright
Bursting buds
A pretty sight
Poetry and Graphic by Patricia Walter 2016 ©





Growing and Blooming
The shape
the fragrance
petals surround
a beautiful package
in abundance are found.
Natures gift to all
to share and enjoy
growing and blooming
from Spring to Fall

Poetry and Graphic by Patricia Walter 2016 ©

natures-gift-2016Nature’s Gift
Tops of trees
waving in the breeze
sky blue bright above
beauty to the eye
warmth to the soul
nature’s gift to all
Nature’s Gift – Poetry and Graphic by Patricia Walter 2016 ©
The Joy of Flowers
Bright splashes of color
beautiful without sound
lift our spirits
where ever they’re found
Poetry & Graphics by Patricia Walter 2016 ©
Boat on Land 2016Boats on land
are very sad
really need water
or they get mad.
They like to rock
they like to roll
the only way
to feed their soul.
Must be launched
to really be free
share their joy
with you and me.
Poetry and Art by Patricia Walter 2016©

Sitting on the dockSitting on the dock
river flowing by
soft warm breeze
pretty blue sky.
Gentle sounds
peaceful day
quiet thoughts
nothing to say
Poetry and Art by Patricia Walter 2016©

As We Age

As we age
bodies change
things expand
Keep on moving
exercise more
happy thoughts
as good as before.
Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2016©

Sometimes encouragement
doesn’t come from family or friends.
It lives deep in our soul –
That yearning and desire.
Listen to your heart
love, discover and grow.
Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2015©