Love Poetry 1


Location Unknown

I love your caress
the gentle touch of your hand
the warmth of you body next to mine.
I love the time we spend together
in a place that has no name.
There are no crowds or traffic jams
it can be found almost anywhere.
Location unknown
no street signs point the way
but easily found by two people in love.
I cherish the time we spend together.
Time spent sharing, time spent caring,
location found only by loving hearts.

Poetry and Art by Patricia Walter 1999©


Thank You for Sharing Your Love

Thank You for sharing your love
Thank You for sharing your life.
A gift not bound by earthly ties
much greater than hear and soul.

Your love embraces with kind, gentle arms
not controlling, not begging
but with care and support.
There are no commands, no please for help
just two kind souls on a journey through life.

The warm embrace
the gentle kiss on the cheek
the shared passions of a wondrous love.
No greater gift can exist on this earth
given only by god from above.

Thank You for the joys
the few years, the laughter
all shared by two souls in love.
Thank You for sharing your life, your love
the greatest gifts ever given on earth.

Poetry and Photo by Patricia Walter 1998 ©


Together is a wonderful place to be.
Together is a warm, secure, kind and loving.
A place where two lovers reside.
Warmth from loving and caring
warmth from tender embraces
soft kisses.
Secure from the world outside.
A private space inhabited by two.
Kindness, given and received,
without guilt or demand.
A soft, gentle world created by lovers.
Together is a wonderful place to be.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©

Love Poetry 1