To My Mom

I’ll always remember the time we spent together.
The fun times, the serious times
the cherished times, too.

The early years are a blur
but childhood memories remain strong in my mind.
Sharing lunch on the glider during a hot summer day
opening pretty wrapped presents on Christmas morning.

Our shopping trips downtown were a treat.
The bus rides, the pretty department stores,
lunch with a bowl of rice pudding for dessert.
Struggling to carry the shopping bags home
then sharing the wealth of store bought treasures.

I remember the picnics, the trips to go swimming
playing badminton and ball at the beach.
The yearly trip to see the colorful sky
made fourth of July a memory forever.

I remember my train set and blue bicycle, too.
The excitement to receive such wonderful treasures.
I remember the time I spent watching you cook
and helping wash dishes after dinner each night.

I remember the time we spent together.
The memories might be faded and torn
but live in my heart forever.

Original Poetry and Photo by Patricia Walter 1999©

I’ll Finally Be There

I guess I look like a bag of bones
skin’s all wrinkled, my eyes just stare.
I sit so still, hardly moving at all
quiet as a mouse in my old wheelchair.
Inside my head memories come and go
I try to think does someone care?
I’m all alone no family left
the end must be near, I better prepare.
There must be a place
where my friends have gone
I know it’s not here, not sure where.
My eyes can’t see but my heart will know
when I leave the Nursing Home
I’ll finally be there.

Poetry and Art by Patricia Walter 2007©


There are people who look
There are people that see
There are people who listen
There are people that hear
There a people who talk
There are people that speak
There are people who are
There are people that be!

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 1999©


Pack up the kids, the stuff and the dog,
off to the park, out of the smog.
A place for a party and a little meal,
really doesn’t need to be a big deal.
A little fried chicken, some chips and slaw,
make it at home, no restaurant to call.
Maybe some hotdogs cooked on a stick,
they taste so good, always do the trick.
Add some mustard, nestle on a bun,
the kind of food you can eat on the run.
A little game of catch, a swim in the lake,
a lot of fun, nothing fake.
A picnic is great, an outing for the day,
Dad naps in the hammock, not even a sway.
It’s better than a trip to shop at the mall,
a really good time will be had by all.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 2000©

Run With The Wind

Run with the wind-
dare to catch your dreams.
Life is exciting, life is challenging.
Run with your head up
your heart filled with faith
and the roadblocks will fall.
Dream the impossible
do the impossible!
Run with the wind,
live your dreams.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 1999 ©


Sitting around Saturday with nothing to do
should I take a walk or visit the zoo?
Find the number of a really old friend
call them up, find out how they’ve been.
Mow the lawn, weed the garden,
let it grow, dear neighbors, beg my pardon.
Wash the car, wax the old girl,
throw clothes in the dryer, give them a twirl.
Sweep the floors, pick up the dust,
clean the grill, remove the rust.
The options are clear, the work must be done,
but I really want to be out on the run.
Meet new friends, visit new places,
the thought of it all, my blood races.
Don’t sit around Saturday with chores to do
or all the work will make you blue.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 2000 ©



Inner contentment and happiness
are true measures of success –
not buildings or statues erected as monuments.
To live each day with joy and peace, to love all of life
and yourself completely, all true measures of success.
There are no scales to weigh success.
Only a person living with peace, contentment,
love and happiness knows he is successful!

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 1999 ©

The Treasure Inside

Why are we afraid to find out who we really are?
We can’t wait to open a present –
strip away the ribbons, rip the pretty paper,
cut the tape, and open the box.
Then search through the packing to find the gift.

Is there not a treasure inside all of us?
Are we afraid to find the warm,
loving, wonderful person deep within?
Maybe we fear not finding
a nice caring heart and soul?

We can’t be thankful for
what hasn’t been discovered.
Life’s search is not complete
until we have found the treasure inside.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 1999 ©

Time Is

Time is
A Healer
A Protector
A Friend
Use it Wisely.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 2002 ©

To Do or To Be

To be is often crowed out by to do.
To do the dishes, to do the washing, to do the lawn.
To do is so loud, so active, so high energy,
that to be is often forgotten.

Life becomes meaningless acts of to do without to be.
To be quiet, to be with self,
to be with Spirit, to be with God.

To be gives great meaning to life.
To be is the connection with a greater Spirit.
To be gives hope, serenity and joy.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©


Touched by Beauty

We all want to be touched
by wonderful music, beautiful art,
love of our fellow man.
To be moved, drawn,
taken to places unknown.
To feel an overwhelming chill
from a beautiful orchestral phrase,
to be filled with warmth and joy
from the color of a canvas,
to feel the wonder from
touching the creativity of mankind.
How music, art and poetry
cause such emotion is unknown,
but we all know when we are there-
what a cold world it would be without
the beauty of music, art, poetry and love.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2000©

We Are All Little Kids At Heart

We are all little kids at heart.
We look like adults, we act like adults,
but deep inside, there’s still a little kid.

We are so easily hurt, even though we know better!
We are so jealous, even though we know better!
We are so quick to anger, even though we know better!

It’s hard to act grown up when the little kid inside is
so tender, so vulnerable, so easily hurt.
We have no Dad to run to, no Mom to hug us.

It’s OK to have the joy of a kid,
we love to laugh, play games, even run around.
The joy of a child is a wonderful experience,
but the hurt of a child seems wrong to us.
Perhaps we fail to understand,
we are all little kids inside!

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter ’99 ©

We Have Freedom

We have freedom to fly
in our heart
in our mind.
We have ability to choose
with each new day
each new find.
We have power to love
people near
people not our kind.
We have choice to create
life full of love or
life just a grind.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 2002 ©

What Do I Like?

Fresh air – blue skies
knowing people kinda wise

New mown grass – flowers in Spring
sharing with friends who smile & sing

Waves at the ocean – a quiet stream
saying goodbye to those who are mean

Petting my dog – a quiet walk
sharing time for a little talk

These are the things I really like
sharing my joy always feels right

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 2001 ©

Will I Ever Find The Way?

Sometimes I just don’t know
where I am going or what I want.
How can a person
who seems so blessed be so lost?
What unrest is planted in my heart?
Where do the seeds
of unhappiness come from?
Surely they are not sown at birth.
I know the secret of happiness
a truth deep in my soul –
to love, to care, be kind and gentle.
Yet I stray so far from
the path of contentment.
Is it a life long search to find the way?
Will I ever find the way?

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter1999 ©

Wonderful Gifts

The beauty of youth
a gift to all
it’s energy and curiosity
arrive when we’re small.
The knowledge of age
is earned along the way
by what we do
what we say.
Patience and understanding
a quiet insight
brings calm and love
that feels just right.
Youth and age
never do meet
they meld one to the other
a wonderful feat.
Life never allows choice
of youth or age
a dilemma for some
even outrage.
The value of time
the knowledge and joys
are wonderful gifts
not youthful toys.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 2002 ©