Life is like fishing
You never know what your going to get
Sometimes nothing
Sometimes a snag
Sometimes a big catch.
Poetry & Photo by Patricia Walter 2014©

Life Changes, goes up and down

you never know until it comes around.

We try to smile thru good and bad

depdn on friends to keep away sad.

The journey is long, the road is rough

faith and hope will be enough.

Don’t waste a day in anger or regret

keep joy in your heart, your needs will be met.

Poetry by Patricia Walter 2009©

Sunnyside of Darkness by Patricia Walter

There’s a sunny side of darkness beyond the black of night

a place to feel some comfort where everything feels just right.

It’s not found by looking or calling on the phone

it comes from inner faith, knowing you’re not alone.

Poetry by Patricia Walter 2008©

May the sun shine today, yesterday be a warm memory, tomorrow a fulfilled dream

May the sun sine today

Yesterday be a warm memory

Tomorrow a fulfilled dream.

Poetry by Patricia Walter 2007©


Life is Bountiful
Open your arms  Open you mind  Open you heart
Put aside – fear of not deserving
Put aside – fear of jealousy
Put aside o- fear of fear
Abundance is given to all who ask
Abundance is promised to all who accept
Abundance is God’s gift to all who lovingly share
Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©