The Gift of Kindness

Kindness is a gift not bought in a store
There’s no pretty paper or colored ribbons
No carton cold possibly contain it
Kindness is found in a generous heart
All wrapped up with love and care
Kindness comes from a gentle love
for a longtime friend or a stranger in need
Kindness is free – belongs to us all
A gift to be shared every day.
Original Poetry and Art by Patricia Walter 1998 ©

Good Friends Seldom Part

I’d jump at the chance to be your friend
write some cards, having something to send.
Talk on the phone, share some time
tell me your problems, I don’t mind.
Share my world, open my heart
makes good friends that seldom part.

Original poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2001 ©

Good Friends Sometimes Disagree
talk things thru soon you will see-
it’s just caring
me about you, you about me
a quiet, gentle sharing

Original Art & Poetry by Patricia Walter 2002 ©

I’m Really Sorry

Don’t be shy
hide behind a mask
you really tried
just as I asked.
Things go wrong
sometimes don’t work
doesn’t mean
you’re a jerk.
Don’t think such a thing
or feel that way
I’m really sorry
is all I can say.

Original Art & Poetry by Patricia Walter 2002 ©

I Really Care

Don’t be sad – don’t be mad.
You’re my friend right to the end.
Won’t break your heart
we’ll never part.
Our friendship is a gift
you’ll never wonder if.
I’ll always be there
I really care!

Original Art & Poetry by Patricia Walter 2001 ©


Lunch was fun. A good friend
good food, no need to run.
The company nice. The waitress good
the bill the right price.
A place to talk, exchange some news
maybe time for a little walk.
Stories to share, cute jokes to tell
all by friends who really care.

Original Art & Poetry by Patricia Walter 2000©

Stay Friends With Me

Can’t bear it without you
don’t want someone new.
You’ve been my friend
for years on end.
We’ll work things out
don’t have to shout.
Kindness is key
stay friends with me.

Original Art & Poetry by Patricia Walter 2001©

True Friends

Thank you for sharing a hug and smile
makes a friendship so worthwhile.
Time to care, be a little bold
a friendship never can be too old.
Take some time to hold a hand
makes troubles melt like drifting sand.
Help each other, no regard to time
heart and souls begin to bind.
Thank you for caring, opening your eyes
true friends know – they are both very wise.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 2000 ©

What Are Friends For?

What are friends for?
To laugh with
To giggle with
to share your little corner
of the world with.
The joy to visit
over lunch, over tea,
to share little secrets
discuss life’s problems.
The freedom, the closeness
the bond of friendship.
Open hearts, open minds
just kind sharing.
That’s what friends are for!

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 1999©