Life with Dogs
Let them out, let them in
you just get settled and they’re at it again.
The dogs jut love to have their fun
everything goes, they’re on the run.
Their lives are full with happiness and joy
they just can’t wait to get a new toy.
Life with dogs is never dull
take the good with the bad
you love them all.
Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2006 ©

A Dog’s Business
That is the business of being dog –
to bark, to get dirty feet, to give sloppy kisses.
To always be there at your feet
in your bed, by your side.
In the car, in the park, in your heart.
That is the business of being dog –
a companion, a friend
one who thinks you and your alone
are the center of their universe.
Art & Poetry by Patricia Walter 2000 ©

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